Any recommendations for serious chew-proof dog toys?


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Even though my dog is small, he's blows through almost any toy I buy for him. Like, within 5-10 minutes, he attacks it and pulls out all of the stuffing, gets to the squeaky pod immediately, and then he's done. I'm tired of spending a ton of money on dog toys. Does anyone have recommendations for super-tough toys?
I have a pup that will chew through wood literally, and I have had great luck with Kong chew toys. They are super durable, and you can add goodies inside some of them. I have one that has lasted my dog almost 3 years. Nylabone, and Orbee-Tuff are some other good choices. You can learn more about these in our reviews of the best indestructible dog toys for aggressive chewers. I've used many of these with my dogs; the only one I do not recommend is the rope toys, as my dogs chew through those very quickly.