Are Crates Humane?


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I have always thought of dog crates as cages, making me think of wild animals. Are our sweet pets okay—physically and psychologically—in a crate all day long? Would you put your kid in one? It seems so odd to me, but my dog has separation anxiety when I leave, and she is tearing up my house, so I am willing to consider it if it is really okay. Help!
Dog crates are completely humane and a necessity for many dogs -- but certainly not meant for them to stay in all day. If you crate train your dog, like I did early on, she'll find it a comfortable and safe place to retreat to when she has separation anxiety. My pup, who also has separation anxiety, goes into his crate as soon as he anticipates that I'm leaving the house. He's often still there when I return. Put some of her favorite toys in the crate, and she'll feel more comfy.
I use a crate for my smaller dog, which helps him feel safe when we are gone. But only for a few hours at a time. If we leave him out, he will get into too much stuff and rip apart the room because he does not like being home alone. So the crate is the safest place for him when we leave. We make it cozy and leave the TV on. He sometimes goes in on his own when too much is going on, or he feels stressed out. As long as the crate is big enough, and they are not in it all day, they are totally humane.