Are wellness plans worth it?


New member
Is there much benefit to wellness plans, or is it better to just save for routine expenses?
It depends on how well you save. Unlike pet insurance, wellness plans cover annual check-ups with your vet and some standard tests, routine vaccines, dental cleanings, and more. So, if you know your annual costs for your regular checkups, vaccines, etc., you can save that money in a bank account and have it ready to go when the time comes. For example, my dog's annual vet checkup, including tests, vaccines, exam fees, etc., tends to be around $250, so I plan for that and just assume inflation will make it slightly more each year. But, if you are not good at stocking money away, a wellness plan can help you ensure you are budgeting for these specific annual pet-related costs.

You can learn more about how wellness plans work, who offers them, and more here: