Is it normal that my dog wants to sleep on a bare floor?

Frankie Flowers

New member
She is an old lab and we have tried all sorts of blankets and beds like pillows, plush, elevated, etc...and she likes them, but every night she just sleeps on the floor. Is this normal?
Hi Frankie, It is not unusual for your dog to want to sleep on the floor. There are many reasons she may like to do this. For example, sleeping on the floor may be cooler, especially if air vents are nearby. In colder months, it could also be a warmer place for her to lay. Some dogs are simply more comfortable on the floor. However, you may want to consider an orthopedic dog bed or cushion for her, as older dogs start to have joint and body pain. A bed can help prevent conditions like hip dysplasia from getting worse. If you are concerned your pup is in pain, it's a good idea to have her looked at by your vet to determine if any medical cause is behind the behavior or if treatment can make her more comfortable.