My dog is throwing up yellow bile


New member
I feed my dog two meals a day, morning and night. Lately, she's been throwing up between meals. If I let her outside, she starts eating grass and still throws up. What is going on?
Hi GoHawks. I'm sorry to hear your dog is having a bit of trouble. Dogs often eat grass and vomit to alleviate nausea, and there are lots of things that can cause it. Have you started giving them a new food or treat they could be reacting to? Perhaps there is some stress in the home that's causing them to feel unwell. Whatever the reason, it's best to contact your veterinarian because it's out of the ordinary. It's important so they can examine your dog, as there may be a health condition causing the vomiting or nausea. Your vet can get to the bottom of the issue and offer advice/treatment to stop them from throwing up. Good luck, and we hope your pup starts feeling better soon!