What are popular female dog names today?


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We just adopted the sweetest pup from the shelter (a brown lab mix) and are trying to decide what to name her. What are some popular and current female dog names?
A good friend of mine has a chocolate lab, whose name is Cocoa. So cute! What about that or Hazel or Mocha? I also love these popular girl dog names: Addie, Bella, Chloe, Peppa, Piper, and Lily. Choose one that suits your new pup's personality!
I think classic names make great ideas for dogs. I like things like Madeline, Edith, Tabitha, and Celeste.
Dog names are such fun, and you can really find inspiration anywhere. I love these hipster names for girl dogs, as well as flower names. Food names are also great and a fun way to start conversations with other pet owners. Who doesn't want a cup of coffee after calling out for Cappuccino or Biscotti at the dog park?
I personally am a big fan of Sadie ;) But also like to name my dogs something personal like our previous female dog was named "Lexie" after Alexander Hamilton and Alexandria, Virginia where we rescued her from. Our dog growing up was named Lucy, which is another classic dog name. You can't go wrong with a name as long as she is loved.
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