Why is my dog always eating grass?


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My dog loves to munch on grass. He likes to chew on long grass and even dried-up grass left over from mowing. Usually, this is followed by him throwing up the grass. How can I get him to stop eating grass?
My dog Georgie does this too - we call him a lawn mower! It makes his poop green too! So annoying, when on walks we just tug him away from the grass and say "leave it" or try to avoid walking in areas where there's grass, but he stays at a friend's house when we travel and they have a huge yard with grass, so can't really control it there when he's off leash and out of our control. We just ask if they can monitor it but he's a muncher - I think because dogs are natural grazers, but also he might like the taste of it. Just try not to let it happen because grass can be dirty or covered in other dog's pee or poop and/or other animal's bi-products.
There's 7 reasons a dog may want to eat grass:
  1. Natural instinct,
  2. Psychological conditions (anxiety for example)
  3. To induce vomiting (it can be quite effective for this)
  4. To improve digestion
  5. To gain attention or ease boredom
  6. Some dogs simply enjoy the way grass feels in their mouth
  7. Dietary imbalance (can sometimes be addressed by adjusting diet or adding probiotics)

Our article, https://www.caninejournal.com/why-dogs-eat-grass/, explains these in more detail and also outlines the pros and cons of canines consuming grass.